Monday, November 11, 2013

Project #15

Presenting My Tribe
This is a Project Based Lesson plan designed to present the culture, values and traditions of Native American Tribes to 3rd graders. Students will be able to engage in Native American Indian culture as they form a presentation in assigned groups. Each group will use their creativity to design their own tribe name and choose whether they will present by skit or by using google slides. Each group will make atleast one visual aid to go along with their oral presenation. Visual aids may include indian head dresses, indian customs, teepees, totem poles, ect. (The sky is the limit as long as the visual aid pertains to Native Amercian Indian culture) Groups who choose to perform by skits will be asked to write a script including all cast members. Parents will be asked to attend presentations. All presentations will also be recorded and embedded into the class blog.

Project Overview and Project Calendar

Native American Indian Tribe Rubric

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