Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last C4K

Last C4K: November

This month I was assigned to comment on three student's blogs. The first student's blog I commented on was a student named Emmy. Emmy is a 6th grade student in Mr. Mark's class at Pt England school in Auckland NZ. The blog post I commented on was a photo activity Emmy and a few of her classmates had completed. This photo activity was a lesson to to teach the students about farming and where are food comes from. The students in Emmy's group organized the photos into the order that things are produced. Emmy explained how this process helped her understand how crops are cultivated and the process of farming. I enjoyed commenting to Emmy on this blog post. It was fun to see other students in another country learning the process of farming. I commented and discussed how farming is very common where I live! It was interesting listening to her discuss country living as I myself, live in the south. Emmy's Blog

I also had the privilege of commenting on a student's blog named Ronn. Ronn also attends Pt. England school in auckland NZ. Ronn is a fourth grade student in Mrs. Bark's Class. Ronn wrote about the importance of friends. He wrote about why people need friend's and identified what qualities in a person make a friend. It was very interesting to see a fourth graders perspective on what is a true friend. I commented on Ronn's post stating my personal take on friends. I thought it was a great way for the teacher to give student's the opportunity to discuss and learn how to establish good character in themselves to be a great friend! Look at Ronn's Blog Ronn's blog

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