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Blog Post # 16

My final Reflection on EDM 310
When I first began EDM 310 I had no idea what to expect from this course. This has been my first semester taking actual courses for education, as also my first semester at the University of South Alabama. This course surpassed all my expectations as I learned more about education and tools to use in my future career as an elementary teacher. This class has been the first challenging class I have had in college to date. This course has been a journey full of adventure, sleepless nights, and most importantly becoming a life-long learner! Read along as I express the ideas I have for my future classroom.

Compared to my first blog post “If I built a school” not much has changed on my personal vision that I have had for my students and classroom. What has changed is the tools and technology that I will use in my future classroom. Throughout my EDM 310 I have been provided with the opportunity to learn and discover new technological tools that I plan to enforce into my classroom. I plan to use tools such as Blogger, Twitter, iCurio, Discovery ED, iMovie, Podcast, iBook, YouTube, and Skype all tools that I have become familiar with throughout this course. Blogging is one of the most important tools I plan to use in my classroom. Blogging provides a way for students’ to improve upon their writing, and be enthused by having their writing published for the world to view. Giving the students’ the opportunity for their work to be open to a wide-ranged audience will give them something to be proud of and work hard at. Blogging also allows parents the opportunity to view their child’s work. I never dreamed I would use social media such as Twitter, and Facebook in my classroom. I have learned that social media can help parents be prepared of what is taking place in the classroom and can also provide teachers the opportunity to connect with other educators around the world as well. I love the possibility of using iCurio in the classroom. It is a curated safe search engine for students to navigate the web without stumbling upon or gaining access to inappropriate material. Discovery ED will be used in my classroom to produce life media footage to students regarding science and other subject areas. Discovery ED gives students the opportunity for boring lessons to become adventures. iMovie will be a source used to create book trailers and other media that can be used in the classroom. I will use the creation of podcast to allow students to create their own story with media. I will also use podcast for students who are sick and miss out on the material that was covered in class. There are many more innovative tools such as iBook, google slides, YouTube, and Skype which I will implement into my classroom as well. I will use technology to enhance the learning of my students.
I plan on using a project-based learning style in the future career as an elementary teacher. Providing my students with the opportunity to have a hands-on- experience where they are applying real life problem solving skills promotes life-long learners. I want to end ALL burp-back education. I NEVER want my students to learn material for a brief amount of time, take a test, and forget what they have learned. This is the method in which I was taught and it was not an education I want to lend to the next generations to come. There are so many technological tools that teachers are provided with to proceed with project-based learning. I plan to use the many technological resources available to provide the best education for my students made possible.

What I Want My Students to Know

I want my students to know that I love each and every child and care about their success in my classroom. Children in my classroom must understand that I have one ultimate goal. The goal in my classroom is that children will learn the tools to not only succeed in knowledge but to be a successful person in life as well. I am here in the classroom to make you learn and to learn in a controlled environment in an exciting way. It is my job to prepare each child for the future and I intend to go above and beyond regardless of any learning disability or behavioral issue. I want each child to know that trust is never given away easily and it will be earned in my classroom. I will earn your respect and you will earn mine.

What I Want My Students to be Able to Do

I want my students to be able to listen, and listen well. Listening is a very important aspect in life, and in order to learn one must be able to listen. I want each student to be able to follow directions. Following directions is crucial in life; in every job regardless of what one must choose to do an individual MUST be able to follow directions. I want my students to ASK questions. There is no such thing as a "stupid" question. If a child does not understand or would like to know more, ask questions.

What My Primary Way of Teaching My Students What I Want Them to Know and to Do

My class will be taught by using project based lesson plans. I would also like to incorporate games or movement within my lessons. These two methods of teaching will incorporate a different way to learn. Making the lesson, more interesting in a creative way will provide students with the ability to be more involved and become excited about learning. I also will use the latest technology in my classroom that is available such as iPads, MacBooks, and the SmartBoard. Often times I will break my class up into small groups to work on different lessons. I will rotate to each different small group to ensure that each student is on the right tract. I am there to instill confidence and encouragement! Having children gather into small groups will help build trust that each student is doing what he or she should be. It will also teach each student how to work with others, as well as working together as a team.

Final Reflection Video

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